The Funky OM offers several types of yoga! All of our classes are held in a lightly heated room.


Bhakti Yoga Flow

Bhakti is part of the ancient language of Yoga. Flow refers to the flowing sequence of asanas known as vinyasa, as well as the flow of the breath, mediation, and music. Each session is a new and different experience with the thread of Bhakti tying the classes together. The teacher infuses the class with the belief that we can best serve others and heal our own minds, bodies and spirits through bhakti, vitality and strength.


Forrest Yoga

Forrest Yoga was designed by Ana Forrest to help protect and heal our bodies as we live our modern day lives. In this style of yoga, we intelligently warm and strengthen muscles groups so as to heal and prevent hip, back, shoulder, and neck pain. We also use the practice to cultivate mindfulness, self confidence, pleasure, and peace that we can then take into our lives off the mat.


All Forrest Yoga classes are multi-level.


Basic Yoga

Basic Yoga classes are perfect for beginners or people looking to revisit the fundamentals of yoga practice.  A great class for those who are new to yoga, or those wishing to go at a little slower pace than the Forrest or multi-level yoga.


Multi-level Yoga

In multi-level classes the student will learn to move smoothly through the postures while combining the almost dance like movements  with specific breathing techniques.



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